Top-Rated General Contractor in West Virginia

Top-Rated General Contractor in West Virginia


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No matter what you’re building, it’s not too much to expect it to be done right the first time. That is why we leverage all of our 35+ years of experience to fine-tune every aspect of your build. Most importantly, we do all the heavy lifting while keeping you in the loop. When we construct new builds, we know we aren’t just putting a building or home on a piece of dirt — we’re developing your land. We take this responsibility extremely seriously, crafting for longevity, beauty, and excellence. We want your new home or building to be an asset you can truly be proud to possess! We offer a variety of general contractor services to help you get whatever job you need done, done the right way.

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When it comes to exciting opportunities, there’s nothing like a renovation project. Re-New Construction and our team of elite subcontractors proudly serves home and business owners in the greater Huntington area with exceptional renovation services. From offices to kitchens and from retail stores to home bathrooms, we infuse fresh style, value, and excitement into every property we renovate! Get started on your renovation by getting a free quote today.

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We serve both residential and commercial clients, providing peace of mind, affordable service, and workmanship that lasts a lifetime. Our ultimate goal is to make it easy for you to keep a roof over your head — literally. We provide the following services:

  • Roof Repair - Whether it’s storm damage or age, we can tackle any issue your roof may face. Our attention to detail guarantees a longer lifespan for your roof and more dollars in your pocket.

  • Roof Maintenance - Consistent attention is the only way to spot roof issues before they develop into money pits. Let our experienced team keep your roof at its best so you never have to worry.

  • Roof Installation - Give your home or business a fresh lease on life with a brand new roof. We take care of you from start to finish, communicating proactively, and fine-tuning every detail to perfection.


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More than three decades of combined experience in building homes and businesses has given us an incredible skill-set that we want to put to work for you! We aren’t just here for the major construction or renovation projects — we’re here to fix the faucet, clear the drain, hang the curtains, and fix the sheetrock. Thanks to our elite skill, our workmanship is on an entirely new level from your average handyman, so contact us in Huntington today.



We are proud to serve West Virginians! Our affordable services are designed to offer flexibility and ease for our neighbors. Whether your to-do list has gotten out of control or you just wish the screen door would stop screeching, we’re performing a free inspection or installing a brand new roof, we treat your property with dignity throughout our entire process. Most importantly, we respect you, your budget, your time, and your needs. Contact us in Huntington, West Virginia, for a free consultation today!

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