The kitchen is the heart of the home, and in our opinion, it deserves a little extra attention. Data backs us — studies show that the kitchen is always the key selling point to any home, and a renovated kitchen can dramatically raise a home’s value. That’s why we leverage our 30+ years of combined experience to make your kitchen something truly special. We serve both residential and commercial clients throughout Huntington, so get in touch with us today.

Fulfill Your Kitchen’s Potential

Whether we’re renovating your current kitchen or working on a brand new build, we hold ourselves to the highest standards. Our unbeatable scope of skill includes:

  • Countertops — Pull your kitchen together with a gorgeous countertop in your choice of material.
  • Cabinets — Maximize storage while beautifying your kitchen with custom or pre-built cabinets installed by our experts.
  • Flooring — Ensure your floor is tough, waterproof, and wonderful under your feet with the help of our flooring specialists.
  • Lighting — Make your kitchen a pleasure to use, no matter the time of day, with light fixtures that fit your aesthetic and make you smile.
  • Sink & Faucet — Whether you’re washing your hands or grabbing a drink of water, make sure your sink is a joy to use with our careful design and installation services.
  • Paint — Achieve the perfect kitchen atmosphere with meticulously selected and applied paint that will look classic for years to come.

Let’s Get Started

A kitchen isn’t just for cooking meals; it’s a place for friends and family to gather and make good memories. Let us make sure your kitchen is up to the challenge. Trust our white-glove service to upgrade, transform, and rejuvenate your kitchen while sticking to your budget and timeline. We look forward to working with you!

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