New Construction

At Re-New Construction, we see every new build we complete as a chance to get everything right, ensuring years of safe functionality. We build both residential and commercial properties with exceptional attention to detail and commitment to excellence. There’s a reason our staff and team of subcontractors are the most trusted new build experts in Huntington — we get the job done right without exception.

Workmanship Worthy of Your Investment

No matter what you’re building, it’s not too much to expect it to be done right the first time. That is why we leverage all of our 30+ years of experience to fine-tune every aspect of your build. Most importantly, we do the heavy lifting while keeping you in the loop. In fact, we may overcommunicate because we believe it’s better to have an annoyed client who knows what is going on than a shocked one who had no idea.

When we construct new builds, we know we aren’t just putting a building or home on a piece of dirt — we’re developing your land. We take this responsibility extremely seriously, crafting for longevity, beauty, and excellence. We want your new home or building to be an asset you can truly be proud to possess.

Get Started Today

Building any kind of structure is a journey best taken with people who know what they’re doing and — most importantly — care about your needs. With Re-New Construction, you get a team who will take the time to understand your budget, timeline, and needs before going the extra mile to surpass your expectations. Learn more today.

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