Enhanced curb appeal. Protection from moisture. Shielding against wind and dust. Your property’s siding does all of this, and more. As the outermost layer of your home or business, it has a tough job, and sometimes, it shows. That’s when it’s time to call Re-New Construction. Our siding experts offer more than 30 years of combined experience, so whether your siding is damaged, tired, or simply outdated, let us be your solution today.

Beauty and Protection — Simplified

We love installing and repairing siding for several reasons. First, it forms an essential barrier between the elements and your property’s interior. Second, it’s a fantastic opportunity to transform the appearance of your home or business without making drastic changes. By patching holes, changing out panels, and consulting about complete replacement if needed, we equip your structure with essential protection. We also take every opportunity to educate you on the aesthetic possibilities of siding so you can enhance the beauty of your home or business. No matter what we’re doing for you, you can trust our staff and skilled subcontractors to get the job done right the first time.

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We’ve served the Huntington area since 2017, but our experience with siding goes back decades. We’ve gotten to see the materials and designs get better over the years, and we’re honored to bring you the industry’s best. Choose West Virginia’s most trusted siding experts today.

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